Questions Muslims Should Answer

Every faith must stand or fall on its own teachings and writings. Christianity must certainly do that – and so must the Muslim faith. As a website, we were interested to come across a set of questions recently posed to Muslims by Jacob Pasch of Moriel Ministries. Jacob is at pains to stress that he has no wish to offend the Muslim faith but he would like some constructive answers to these issues. As a website, we would echo that. We have no link or interest in Moriel Ministries or in Jacob Prasch’s teachings but we do think that he raises some questions that the Muslim faith should answer.

Issue No.1: If Mohammed wasn’t sure he was going to Heaven, how can you be sure?

Mohammed did not know what Allah (his God) would do to him on the Judgement Day – see Bakhari volume 5 No. 266 where the Prophet says ‘even though I am an apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what he will do to me’.

So if Mohammed didn’t know if he was going to Heaven, how can you be sure you’re going to Heaven?

It’s true that there are some fundamentalist Muslims who teach that the assurance of salvation is in being Jehadi – which is why in the past some have raised their children to be suicide bombers for example. They believe that they’ll get 70 virgins and so on. That’s the assurance according to a proportion of fundamentalist Muslims. Some Muslims don’t believe this, some do. But all Muslims must agree with the Hadith or they wouldn’t be Muslims, a book in which Mohammed clearly said he didn’t know what would happen to him when he met his maker.

In contrast, the Bible’s New Testament teaches we can ALL have the assurance of salvation if we put our faith in Jesus. That although all have sinned and all have fallen short of the glory of God, we can sing ‘bold I approach the eternal throne and claim the crown through Christ my own’. The apostle Paul said ‘I have run the good race, I have fought the good fight hence I know there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.

Christianity says you can have the assurance of salvation. Mohammed said he didn’t.

Issue No.2: Mohammed’s statement that ‘Hell is populated mainly by women’

See Bakhari Volume 1 No.28 where the Prophet said ‘I was shown Hell Fire and the majority of the dwellers were mainly by Women who were ungrateful’.

Also in Bakhari Volume 1 No. 301 where Allah’s Apostles say: ‘Oh women, give alms as I have seen that the majority of those in Hell Fire were you women. I’ve not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence in religion than you.

Also in Bakhari Volume 2 No.161 where Prophet says ‘I also saw hell fire and I had never seen such a horrible sight, I saw that most of the inhabitants were women.

All these statements suggest that, according to the Hadith, Heaven is mainly populated by Men.
In contrast, the Christian Faith teaches that all have sinned and all fall short of the Glory of God. None is righteous. No not one. That is why we believe that Jesus went to the cross to pay the price for our sin. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, if you have not accepted Jesus atonement for your sin you are going to Hell. Being Asian or a Jew, being an Arab or a black African has nothing to do with it. All fall short of the glory of God.

Issue No.3: If Islam is a religion of ‘Peace and Tolerance’, why are there no Islamic Countries of Democracy in today’s world except where it is imposed by the West?

If this is a Religion of “Peace and Tolerance”, you would expect to find at least one Islamic country offering all faiths complete religious freedom and democracy.

You would expect to find an Islamic country giving the rights to Christians and Jews that all Muslims have in countries like Australia, Britain, USA, Europe and even Israel. But there isn’t.
It’s also fair to ask why are there 2.3million Christians dead in Sudan. Or 300,000 Christians massacred by Muslims in East Timor? Or 65,000 dead in Southern Philippines. Or 60,000 dead in Northern Nigeria.

Or let’s shift the focus to Europe. Why was Theo Van Gogh murdered for making a film on Human Rights in the Muslim World in Amsterdam? Or take Denmark where 4% of the population is Muslim but 40% of unemployed are Muslims. A country in which the overwhelming majority of convicted rapists are Muslims and the victims are Danish.

Where does this religion of Peace and Tolerance exist today?

Issue No.4: Why does Islam still practice Slavery?

Slavery is the ultimate Social Evil. Christian nations abolished it under the leadership of Christian men like Martin Luther King and William Wilberforce. Yet it still exists.

The last countries to abolish Slavery are Muslim – except that they haven’t abolished it yet. Just look up Anti Slavery International websites and see where Slavery is still practiced today: Chad, Mauritania, Sudan, Niger – all rich Muslim countries where Slavery is practiced today (one man in Chad has 7 thousand Slaves).

Why does Islam still have it?

Why has Islam not abolished it yet?

Issue No.5: Why doesn’t the god of the Quran know what the God of the Bible knows?

The Bible is full of scientific facts now more recently proven. It talks about the world being round for example, centuries before scientists discovered it wasn’t flat. If God actually inspired the writings of the Bible, you’d expect that to be the case. So a seeker would have a right to expect this of the God of the Quran. That God would certainly know more than humankind (for more information on this, click here to go straight to our ‘The Bible – An Irrelevant Book?’ section).

Is this the case? Well let’s take an example and see – that of people inbreeding and having incestuous relationships within families. The God of the Bible warned against it and we now know from genetic science exactly why – namely that when people do inbreed and procreate children, that these offspring will be much more pre-disposed to congenital illness.

Now let’s turn to the god of the Quran for guidance on this. After all, he should know the same things as the God of the Bible.

Bakhari Volume 4 No 546 ‘So they asked Mohammed ‘why does a child resemble its Father and why does it resemble its maternal uncle?’ Allah’s apostle said: ‘Gabriel just now told me of their answers and Abdullah said he from all the angels oh the enemy of the Jews. As for the resemblance of a child to its parents, if a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and reaches his climax first, the child will resemble the father. If the woman reaches sexual orgasm first the child will resemble her’.

Scientifically, we now know clearly that this is wrong. Is this the kind of mistake an all-knowing God would have written in his book?